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Bad Alien Movies and the Fathers who love them

You know I have a this hunger for watching bad movies.  But what’s funny is when I reasearch the directors and cast, hoping to find out that maybe, just maybe they did something better.  Well this not one of those cases.  As several in the MST3K/Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic circle know, Don Dohler is one of those directors.  His films have appeared in some form or another across all three.  Yes you heard me all three.

The obvious one is Dohler’s first foray into Monsters movies, The Alien Factor. Many have come to love and anguish over this stunning piece of bad movies thanks in part to Cinematic Titanic (which you should watch). But the funny thing is that this not the MST3K alumuni’s crew first encounter with Don Dohler and his aliens attacking rural Maryland.  Joel and the Bots had a hint of Dohlermite with Pod People!

Yes Pod People, that loveable tale of a boy and his alien, a rock band, Poachers, a drunk dad and alien murder spree. When it was brought to the US they decided that Pod People needed a different title sequence. So someone used digital filters and got clips of Don Dohler’s “The Galaxy Invader,” aka the Iron Maiden Dude aka Swamp Thing vs the Sweet Thang.  Mike, Kevin and Bill from Rifftrax decided to finally show us the whole bloody thing with hole in the shirt fun!

But you see this is not the worse of it oh no. Don Dohler decided to remake/sequel the original Alien Factor. Aided by Troma Films we got… NIGHT BEAST.  The Sheriff of Alien Factor is back and his hair curlier! Dealing with Aliens again along with the MD and her nephew with unfortunate skin.  This time its one Alien, and he’s got tools and a hunger for flesh, but enough of me describing.  Just watch and enjoy (scream) and oh maybe the CT/Rifftrax crew can give this proper treatment…

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